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Office automation Identify and automate repetive tasks using wordprocessing, spreadsheet and database templates and macros.
System integration Identify and automate data feeds between different systems
Web automation

The world wide web now offers massive amounts of information useful to companies.

The manual web browsing activities can be automated amalgamating and processing the information from

different sources and providing output in the form of database , reports.

Data exception reporting.

Data exception reports can provide vital management information, but triggered to inform the relevant parties only when certain conditions are met.

In this way the company can be managed by exception. For example put in cross checks and controls to verify data accuracy, trigger an email report when the company debt has risen above a threshold or the percentage profit margin of sales to China has fallen or delivery times of goods has risen etc.

Database exception reporting. Provide pro-active reports to prevent disasters occurring ie reports to identify database inconsistencies, unclean data, database table size, speed problems, record locking problems etc
Operating System exception reporting. Pro-active reports can again prevent disasters from occurring by monitoring disk and memory usage , security ,unauthorised access attempts, non approved processes running, network problems etc