Probably the most powerful report control tool on the market. A unique concept in report technology.
Stage 1
Capture the database table schemas and create user defined schemas of selected tables and columns applicable to the user group.
Stage 5
Define the triggers , who needs to be informed of what events, ie if the delivery times of materials from Asia rise by more than 10% inform purchasing manager
Stage 2
Document the schemas , create meaningful descriptions and lables for the table columns.
Stage 6
Use powerful yet easy to use report writing utilities to build the reports.
Stage 3
Define how the tables relate to one another.
Stage 7
Schedule it all to run at specified times producing specified output email printouts spreadsheets etc to designated individuals.
Stage 4
Build the sql queries (using powerful sql build utilities) which will return the data sets.
Stage 8
Sit on the beach and let the company manage itself by exception reporting


Schema : A description of the structure of a database or a directory; or: a defined part of a database.